Tuesday, 1 June 2010

tHe LuvLy b0nEs.. ^^


aku br je abes tgk muvie "
the lovely bone" td..
best la muvie nie..

w'pon ada sdikit kontroversi keagamaan..

tp, look into its moral value that its trying to convinces..

parents should educate their childs more..

n be caring and look to them more.. make sure they are safe..

and, we as a child should be more careful..

don't easily trust on somebody that we just know for a couple of hours or days..

kadang.. aku rasa takut gak..

yela.. aku punya siblings..

aku tkt bl bnda2 mcm nie jd kat dorg..

esp adek2 pompuan aku..

aku sll ingt kn dorg psl bnd2 yg mcm nie la..

jgn ikut org yg x di kenali..

jgn amek barang yg org bg.. i mean from strangers..

n many more..

even my parents also olwez remind us about thats..

w'pon kt dh sll ingatkn dorg psl nie..

tp, still rs risau tue ada..

xnak la bnd2 yg x elok jd kat family kt kn..

kalo ikutkn.. family ktorg dh byk kali kena uji ngan bnd2 nie..

but, in d other ways la..

and yg paling aku xley trima..

pasal "
누군가 의도 아버지를 죽이고"..
it such an old story.. but it give a big impact 2 our family..

becoz, the person behind it.. is was our relative also..

i'm so sad to hear about that.. i'm just a little girl at that moment..

that's why i'm quite bad, xrpt, x reti nak gaul ngan saudara-mara..

that's give a bad impression to me..

and still, there's a lot of peoples that trying to... hmmm..

wat can i say..

i failed in creating bonding with my relatives..

i guess it goes same for all peoples around me..

the matter of fact is that i'm a person yg "xpndai gaul, quiet n shy girl"..
and sometimes, its hard for me to trust on somebody..

and the reasons behind it is clearly known..

but, life must go on right.. heheee..

chaiyokkk aying!!!!!!..

p/s : aku br perasan... kadang apa yg aku cb nak smpaikn x smpai kat org.. mksd aku, dorg fhm laen drpd apa yg cb aku nak crita kn.. aku rs, dlm kes nie pon sm kot.. hehee.. aku x pndai nak smpaikn crita la kot.. hmm.. apa la aku nie.. well, just think positive k.. wink2 ^^



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