Wednesday, 7 July 2010

baD EOP..


maka dgn ini..
rasmilah kini..
EOP tuk smua posting tlh berakhir bg aku..
next is my final exm!!!!.. huhuuu..

EOP td..
"ur technique is not good enough"
"u may not done it properly before"
"u may not practise much and go clerk patients as many as u can"
"u may not done it olwez"
"ur percussion note is bad!!!!"
"the way ur palpate also bad!!!"
"don't cry".. nie yg xley blah.. grrr..~
huhuuu.. i admit it..
everything is bad... adoiiii!!!!..

"i better kill u now rather than see u kill ur patients in the future"
"exm is around the corner n u all.. hmmm "
"u all will go viva at this level.. "
pape la pon.. sorry dktr sbb pnjm ayat dktr.. w'pon de tokok + skit.. hee
xda niat di hati ini tuk m'hamburkn amarah d sni..
skdr tuk mnympn kemas memory ini..
yeah.. for my sake..
thnx doc n do pray 4 me!!!! ^^

p/s : penink la.. aku pon nak dmam stress cam anis ke?? @_@



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